Octorail System

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The Octopost rails are treated in the exact same way as their posts are. The rail has a half octagonal profile therefore the completed fence is very pleasing to the eye.

The rails come in two lengths 3.5m and 4.2m and have a overlapping joint. This makes erecting the fence far simpler as the rail ends do not have to end on the post.

See below a drawing for a recommended system for using 3 rows of the 4.2m length rails and 2.1m posts. All Octowood recommended rail systems found below:

Rail lengths

95mm x 4200mm (overall length once fitted 3.95 metres)
95mm x 3500mm (overall length once fitted 3.26 metres)

4 Rail System

3 Rail system

2 Rail system

Safety precautions when working with Creosote

It is advised that protection for for skin and eyes be used at all times when working with creosote. Please use the following link to access Octopost Safety Data Sheet   Please refer to section 8 for more information on what protection is recommended.

If required, more information can be obtained from HSE